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Timber Frame Design & Construction Services

High Country Timberframe has focused on providing creative and elegant timber frame design and heavy timber construction services to residential and commercial clients nationwide since 1997.  

We provide professional design and construction services to help people achieve a space that defines who they are.  Our timber trusses, timber frame homes and heavy timber commercial structures are individually designed and suit new builds, renovations or outdoor structures of any kind.  

We are the proprietor/manufacturer for ShopBuilt™ Prefabricated Wall Systems which offer homeowners a faster and more efficient way to build.

Contact us at 828.264.8971 or email us for design help, a quote or additional information.

Here's what our clients have to say

The building turned out great! Thanks to you and your team for the timbers.

-2014 Client

This is no well done piece of carpentry; this is a fine example of an artist/craftsman's artistry.

-2010 Client