Hand Cut Timber Frame Homes

The design and craftsmanship that go into a timber frame home ensures that the structure will be seen and admired for centuries.

  • Timber frame homes are stronger and more durable.
  • Typically, less wood is used in a timber frame home than in a stud-wall structure. If combined with SIPS or ShopBuilt High Performance Roof & Wall Systems, energy consumption can often be reduced by 30% - 70%.  
  • There are a limited number of load bearing walls in a timber frame structure, allowing more flexibility in the design.
  • Larger spaces between the frames enable greater flexibility in placing and windows and doors due to less concern over structural implications 
  • The timber frame itself can be seen and enjoyed
  • The timber frame building process reduces waste resulting in lessened environmental impact.  Most waste from timber framing can often be recycled.
  • The design and craftsmanship that go into a timber frame home ensures that the structure will be seen and admired for centuries.



Quality Craftsmanship - Experienced Labor With Professional Leadership

At High Country Timberframe we hand cut every piece in your timber frame.  The craftsman who hand cut the frame are also the ones who perform the installation,   There are no better methods to produce tight, clean joinery.  Some companies use giant C&C machines to cut their frames, and the results are technically correct.   However, which would you prefer?  Would you rather have a factory-produced armoire, or one built by hand by a skilled local craftsman?  Which  typically is of higher quality, unique and more beautiful?   


Our timber frame work features a variety of wood-to-wood joinery styles including including traditional wood-pegged mortise and tenon, along with dove-tailed connections.


Should engineering necessitate or style preference dictate, incorporating steel as either external plate and bolt systems or internal knife-plates with with hidden reinforced steel joinery can be incorporated.


All timber frame homes we design and build incorporate methods and materials to meet the definition of a High Performance Home – A high performance home being defined by the National Institute of Building Science as a building that integrates and optimizes all major high-performance building attributes.  Read more...



From Concept To Completion We Handle The Details

We have been a mainstay in the building industry since 1997.  During this time we have developed tried and proven methods that ensure the success of your project.   Read more