Assistance For Builders

Many builders are excited, yet apprehensive, about incorporating timber framing into a building project.


For over two decades, we have worked with builders nationwide to integrate timber frame trusses and timber frame systems into projects from small weekend cabins to large residential and commercial structures.


Throughout the building process we are always available to answer questions, provide information, and support for both the owner and builder. 


We can work with you, the architect and your client to provide a timber frame design specific to the floor plan, whether just timber trusses or an entire timber frame system.  We will supply the precut timbers for you to raise,  if preferred, we can provide one of our trained crew to assist or we will perfrom the installation. 


In some instances we will simply work as a sub-contractor to install the timber frame or SIPs portion of a project.  


timber framing help for builders



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