The beauty of high performance building is that it’s not just about making our carbon footprint smaller.  It’s also just the right way to build.

.....They were very experienced and had trained their entire team on building “High Performance Homes”.  We wanted our home to “belong” on the mountain; but more importantly, we wanted our home to be constructed with lessened environmental impact, with leading-edge, safe and durable materials and construction techniques…… HCTF knew exactly how to build our high-performance home.  We are very fortunate to have found them! Thanks to HCTF, we have a beautiful and comfortable, highly efficient dream home that will be a part of our family – and Roan Mountain for many, many years!   - Former Client     (view completed home )


The Key To High Performance Building?

The key to high performance building is to focus first on the building envelope – walls, roof and foundation then address the interior efficiency and comfort aspects. This envelope-first focus dramatically reduces the energy required to heat and cool a high performance building.

  • Airtight construction controls the transfer of heat and moisture into and through the building envelope. 
  • Continuous insulation keeps heat where it’s wanted.  This helps to minimize the  envelope penetrations that sap buildings of energy, comfort, and durability. 
  • Energy Efficient windows and doors limit heat loss while capturing daylight and passive solar energy.
  • Shading elements shield the building from passive solar gains when unwanted.
  • Constant supply of filtered fresh air comes in through a balanced heat recovery (or energy recovery) ventilation system.

What Exactly is High Performance Building?

The homes we build are designed and constructed to meet the definition of a High Performance Home – A high performance home being defined by the National Institute of Building Science as a building that integrates and optimizes all major high-performance building attributes, including:

  • energy efficiency
  • durability
  • life cycle performance
  • occupant productivity

"High-performance" is actually a much more encompassing term than "green" when it comes to describing a quality constructed home.  The key to a high-performance building is optimization and integration of all things — for example,

  • fan speeds
  • ventilation
  • heating & cooling
  • lighting efficiency 

It means thinking about how building systems interact, and how building occupants interact with those systems.  The design of your home needs to meet both your present and future needs.  Incorporating elements that can adapt as your life changes is a consideration in a high-performance home.

Thinking about making a building "high-performance" means considering different aspects of the building including such things as:

  • health and air quality
  • durability 
  • incorporating your "wants"

So what does this mean?  Well, it means looking at the materials that go into constructing your home, and how they’re produced and disposed of. It means thinking about how the home will need to perform not just now but ten, twenty or even fifty years into the future.   A high-performance approach considers not only the outward appearance but also the durability of these materials and maintenance costs to determine which material is the best value over the lifetime of the home.

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