shop-built-prefabricated-walls/home-built-using-prefabricated-wall-panels.jpg This Home Was Designed and Constructed Using Our Proprietary ShopBuilt Panelized Wall Panels, SIPS, Timber Trusses and ICF's.   View completed home .

.......Even in the coldest weather, our highest utility bill was only $212. ...checked to see how our power bills compared to other homes in similar conditions. They told me that for homes of comparable size, the bills were between $400 and $500.   -  The Cackowski's 



A recently completed home which utilized our ShopBuilt Panelized Walls has received NC Energy Star 3 Certification.  Read what Matthew Vande of Vandemusser Designs, which provides technical consulting and certification services for green residential construction had to say.

ShopBuilt™ Panelized Wall Systems
High Performance Housing

  • Environmentally Friendly,  Minimal Raw Material Waste
  • Structurally Superior
  • Maximum Energy Efficiency
  • Faster Construction
Lessened Environmental Impact
  • Energy Efficient - Utilizing Huber ZIP System R-Sheathing our prefabricated wall panels are extremely energy efficient saving significant energy in both hot and cold climates.

Learn more about ZIP System:   

  • Manufacturing is driven by a focus on “lean production” techniques that save materials, time and lessens construction waste.
  • Utilizing Our 3D software programs to optimize raw materials needed for each project, in shop and on-site construction waste is reduced by 80% over conventional "site-built" construction greatly reducing the amount of waste being dumped into landfills.
  • Fuel consumption is also lessened as the number and frequency of delivery trucks is dramatically reduced.
  • ShopBuilt wall panels are designed and built to meet or exceed your local building codes.
  • ShopBuilt wall panels are framed with Weyerhaeuser I-Level Southern yellow pine kiln dried framing and sheathed with 1”-1/2”, R-6.6 Huber ZIP System R-Sheathing. ZIP System wall sheathing combines the strength and stability of a structural sheathing system with the enhanced durability provided by the product's water-resistive barrier
  • ShopBuilt wall panels use Benjamin-Obkyke Slicker HP Rain screen behind the siding to further add to the long-term performance and value of the home.
Positive Schedule
Reduced Construction Time
  • Using ShopBuilt panelized walls allows for the building's exterior skin to be under construction, in some cases ready to install, while the foundation of the building is stll being poured.
  • ShopBuilt wall panels come with most windows and doors pre-installed often with siding and trim in place. As a result, the building envelope is in place quickly, efficiently, and not subject to weeks of weather exposure. This has a positive impact that benefits multiple trades.
  • Walls can typically be set in days – not weeks.
  • Wiring chases are pre-drilled for rapid installation of on-site wiring.

Let Us Explain The Materials, Methods, Manufacturing Process And The Benefits Of Using Our Panelized Wall Systems.

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