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Timber frame homes are built to last for generations. They offer flexibility of design, energy efficiency, are eco-friendly, and offer a strength and appeal not available in other types of construction.

Whether you have a clear picture of what you’d like or are just starting to consider possibilities, we will help you bring your idea to life.  If you have selected your architect, builder or home designer High Country Timberframe will work in close collaboration with them on the timber frame portion of the project.choice. If you don't have a builder of choice, we offer general contractor services in select areas. 

Whether you are a looking to build your own timber frame home, are an architect who designs homes, or a contractor who builds them, you will we have the knowledge, experience and portfolio of expertise that will help you with any timber frame project. 

We customize our approach to the individual needs of each client and the unique specifications of every timber frame home project.



Since 1997, we've developed a Design Build process to make your home building experience as smooth and convenient as possible, no matter where you live.




Having a custom home designed is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When we're asked to design we understand our responsibilites. Designing a home that fits your lifestyle and your budget while providing maximum value is always our goal.  If a full timber frame home isn't within your budget a Timber Frame Hybrid may be an option.   A hybrid timber frame structure makes use of both timber framing and other conventional framing methods such as SIPS  or our ShopBuilt™ Panelized Systems to maximize your resources.



Our goal is to create a custom floor plan and architectural style that fits each family's lifestyle, needs, location and budget.

Whether we start with an existing floor plan or completely from scratch, we'll work together to design the perfect home for you.


timber frames offer flexibility of design, energy efficiency, are eco-friendly, and offer a strength and appeal not available in other types of construction.



Timber frames typically use less wood than stick-built homes.

When combined with SIPS Wall or Roof Panels or ShopBuilt High Performance Wall Systems , energy consumption can be reduced by 30% - 70% over the typical site-built, stick-framed building.

Wood is a natural, organic, non-toxic material; it is recyclable, biodegradable, waste efficient. With normal maintenance, a timber frame can last hundreds of years.




wood choices

We have built timber trusses and timber frame homes for both residential and commercial projects from Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Pine, Oak and Cypress.

Dependent upon the structural demands of the project we may recommend a specific species based upon engineering requirements.



If your project is inside our general contractor area and you don't have a contractor of choice check out our General Contractor information.

When working on projects outside our general contracting area we oftenprovide and erect the building envelope (timber frame, exterior walls, roof panels, windows and exterior doors) on-site as a package and then work with a local building crew to finish the interior.  In this way, we take responsibility for what is the most important:  how the home is built.




Call us at 828.264.8971 or  email us.  We would love to spend the time to discuss your project and explain how we can help.