Our first consultation with HCTF, Owners, Tom Owens and Peter Jankowski, convinced us that we had selected the perfect builder/designer. They were very experienced and had trained their entire team on building “High Performance Homes”.  We wanted our home to “belong” on the mountain; but more importantly, we wanted our home to be constructed with lessened environmental impact, with leading-edge, safe and durable materials and construction techniques……..Even in the coldest weather, our highest utility bill was only $212.    French Broad Power Company checked to see how our power bills compared to other homes in similar conditions.  They told me that for homes of comparable size, the bills were between $400 and $500.  HCTF knew exactly how to build our high-performance home.  We are very fortunate to have found them! Thanks to HCTF, we have a beautiful and comfortable, highly efficient dream home that will be a part of our family – and Roan Mountain for many, many years!  

"The building turned out great.  Thanks to you and your team for the timbers."  

"Mark, we appreciate your work, it turned out great! Thanks."

"The trusses arrived on time (actually a little early) and were set up the same day. Don was very pleased with the trusses and the whole process. Another contractor was on sight and asked who provided the trusses. Don gave him my name. We might be getting some more work from them. He'll provide some pictures to me shortly, will forward to you. My thanks to you and all the good folks at High Country Timberframe."

"I love my NEW cabin. Pete A, Pete, Tom the construction staff and support staff took good care of me. They were helpful with all the decisions that needed to be made. I alternated between my home in Florida and the one being constructed in the High Country. I was in Fla. a lot of the time, yet did not worry about decisions to be made in Boone. I knew High Country Timberframe would handle them and look out for my best interests. High Country Timberframe is the BEST."

"The craftsmanship of the final project was beyond what I had hoped. All three members of Gallery Woodworking demonstrated outstanding skills and ability in design, construction and carpentry. Their polite dealing with our inquisitive customers also impressed me. In all, it was a pleasure to work with Tom, Peter and Alan. I would not hesitate in hiring them again."

"We love the basic concept of the building, but the detailing takes it to a different level. The woodworking is a good example (albeit one of many). It was obvious from the first that the vision of the glazing was extraordinary. But the execution of the actual wall is breathtaking. The configuration, the quality of wood, the craftsmanship all go beyond what one would have expected. This is no well done piece of carpentry; this is a fine example of an artist/craftsman's artistry."

Our Committment

The professional team of designers, carpenters, woodworkers and support staff that make up High Country Timberframe and Gallery Woodworking have a wide variety of expertise and complement each other.

Since the beginning, it has always been our goal to exceed our client's expectations in both the quality of construction and in the level of customer service we provide.

These are just a few comments from past clients that we have been honored to work for.

These projects range from small porches to timber frame design and construction to full home general contracting (turn key construction).

Providing our clients with exceptional service is what we strive to do. We have many terrific clients and we’re happy to have you talk to them about their experiences working with us!  Please feel free to contact us or call 828-264-8971 and request references.