Designing & Building With High Country Timberframe

High Country Timberframe offers serveral options regarding your timber frame design.   

►We can work with your architect or builder to provide timber frame design specific to your floor plan - just timber trusses, the entire timber frame system and can also design the system including structural wall and roof panels for both our proprietary ShopBuilt Wall Systems and SIP's if desired.

►If you have not yet developed a floor plan, we can use your input and ideas as a basis to start from, creating conceptual and construction drawings for only the timber portion or can include the ShopBuilt and SIPs components.

►You can commission HCTF to design your entire project from conceptual floor plans with elevations to construction blueprints.


Full Frame and Components

We can design, supply and install the entire timber frame - the main core with adjoining open areas or just  timber trusses for a specific location such as the great room, entryway, exterior porch and gable components as well as wall brackets, trellis, pergolas and much more.  

We can also design, supply and install the entire frame for  outdoor structures such as  timber frame barns,  pergolas, porte cocheres, pavilions as well as commercial and public timber frames.


Turn Key Construction

In addtion to our heavy timber design & construction services, if your project is inside our general contractor area and you don't have a preferred builder we can take your project from conception to completion.

Timber Frame Raising

The attention to detail and the care that goes into each timber frame is quite evident when the frame is raised.  The crew that hand cut your timbers are the same ones that carefully bundle, ship and offload the materials at the site. Each piece is assembled with care and raised to the precise location.  

We can supply the precut timbers for your builder to raise.  If necessary, we can provide one of our trained crew to assist.

In some instances we will work as a sub-contractor to install the timber frame or SIPs portion of a project.  


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