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Hand Cut - Timber Trusses & Roof Systems


Heavy Timber Trusses and Roof Systems are a perfect way to enhance a great room, kitchen or entryway. Heavy timber trusses are also economical solutions for hotels, restaurants and businesses that want an upscale look to their buildings.


At High Country Timberframe we hand cut every timber truss.  The craftsman who hand cut the trusses are also the ones who perform the installation,  If your builder prefers to perform the install, we will supply the precut timbers for a local crew to raise.  If necessary, we can provide one of our trained crew to assist.  






We can design, supply and install the entire timber frame, just the main core with adjoining open areas, accent timber trusses for the Great Room, exterior porch and gable components and much more.  


Each timber frame system is designed to be integrated into virtually any structure, regardless of what type of wall system you choose.


If you need the timber trusses designed, you can work with our design team to develop the best design based on structural and aesthetic needs as well as costs and time.  If you have the design, provide us with the specifications and we will custom manufacture to your needs.






Our work features a variety of wood-to-wood joinery styles including including traditional wood-pegged mortise and tenon, along with dove-tailed connections.



Should engineering necessitate or style preference dictate, incorporating steel as either external plate and bolt systems or internal knife-plates with hidden reinforced steel joinery can be incorporated.



Standard Styles


Our Standard Timber Truss Styles include the King Post, Hammerbeam, Queen Post and Scissor Timber Truss.  However, we can custom design wooden trusses for  your  project - any style, any length, any design.  

 King Post Timber Truss

King Post Roof Trusses are the most cost effective truss, and they look great when curved braces and webs are used. The King Post Timber Truss handles long spans and heavy load conditions. This truss, used in conjunction with heavy timber attic or collar tie trusses, works well in a loft area, a great room or for an entryway. Modified King Post Trusses are are especially good for when more visual height is desired in the building plan.


Scissor Timber Truss

The scissor truss gets its name from being shaped like a pair of shears (scissors). A Scissor Truss can elevate part of the bottom of a truss structure as two inside beams rise to meet one another in the middle of the truss. This adds space for a peaked or "vaulted" interior ceiling. The Scissor Timber Truss really blends well with all styles western, contemporary, Old European and even a cottage style if the roof pitch is low.


Hammerbeam Timber Truss

The Hammer Beam Heavy Timber Truss is best for distributing the roof load. It includes posts which extend to the first floor system. A hammerbeam heavy timber truss is often used where wide, clear spans are required and where structural members would obstruct the view. Modified Hammer Beam Trusses have a great look with their open design and arched webs and braces.  


Queen Post Timber Truss

Queen Post Roof Trusses are very similar in design to king post trusses except that the interior of the truss has two vertical ‘queen posts’ instead of one central ‘king post’. They look great and offer an open area in the middle of the truss.



We would be delighted to discuss your project and answer any questions you may have.

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